There are benefits to learning German although the language is difficult to master. But there is quite an incentive. More than 100 million people in 38 countries (mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) speak German. Here are four reasons you should attend a German language school:

1. Business

Germany is the third world’s largest industrial nation. If you are a businessman, you will find the language invaluable in German-speaking countries. Many Germans speak English as well as many native English speakers. So those who learn German have certain advantages. They understand what is said in its original context. Many schools offer classes specifically designed to help business people. For instance, using phone conversation, negotiations and presentations.

2. Travel

German is the native language of three European countries and the second language of many countries across Eastern Europe. Those planning to travel to Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia or Kazakhstan may find it useful to learn German to communicate in those regions. Many websites offer free language lessons. These help travellers learn basic German phrases. For a more intensive course, however, travellers could visit Berlin.

3. Tourism

German is crucial for those seeking work in the tourist industry. Some language schools offer courses aimed at certain people. For instance, professionals in different industries. These will help those in the tourist trade. They are essential not just for those planning to work within Germany but for those planning to work with the millions of German-speaking tourists who travel the globe annually.

4. Culture

German culture is more than just beer and lederhosen! It has a rich cultural heritage. Many great philosophers, such as Heidegger and Nietzsche, were German. Respected classical composers came from Germany. You can explore towns with a centuries-old history or seeing the wonders of modern engineering technology.

So where Should I Learn German?

Although most countries offer German classes, you will benefit most by immersion at a German language school as you will learn by immersion and hear German spoken both inside and outside the classroom. This is a good way to learn German quickly and correctly and there are language schools around the country. One option is to study in Berlin. Not only does Berlin have many universities and educational institutions, it has a rich cultural history and many sights to see. This makes study in Berlin a good option for learning German.