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Ladies hand writing with pen
Make your writing STAND OUT

Give the reader a strong impression of quality with your writing. Well written work with close attention to detail will always make a good impression.
I will thoroughly check your work for spelling, grammar and punctuation. I will make changes to ensure that your work follows the rules of the English language.

Make sure yousay what you mean

It is essential that you get your message across effectively. Proper ordering and phrasing of the work can help the reader understand what you are trying to say.
Where necessary, I will correct the phrasing and flow of your work to improve comprehension. If English is not your first language it can be hard to convey you message effectively. I will help you say what you mean.

Show you aresincere

Well written, accurate and articulate work tells the reader you are sincere about what you write. It gives the reader confidence in your writing.
I will ensure that your work gives a good impression by crossing the Ts and dotting the Is.

Show youcare about your reader

Show the reader the effort you went to in order to please them. Flatter the reader by presuming them to be intelligent and conscientious.
I will ensure that your work has no mistakes and is easy to read.

Stronglyengage the reader

The reader will strongly engage with the work when the writing flows naturally. They will have more a positive experience if the work is easy to read.
Trust me to work with your text to help improve the way it flows. Often it is simple things like breaking the text up into more paragraphs, or re-ordering text to be more logical.