Is Blogging really for you?


Leave it to the experts

What is blogging? Is it just posting a blog? Most of us know it is an abbreviation for web blogging but often that’s all. You’ve no doubt heard it has the potential to be highly lucrative and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.  We all love the idea of making a living while jotting down a few notes then going back to bed for the rest of the day. It’s a utopia for writers such as you. But is it really achievable?  It’s true, if you persist it’s well worth the effort. See my post ‎

If you’re writing a personal blog then there is little pressure on you to get everything just right. You can make the odd spelling error here and get away with it. Your readers won’t mind. But if you’re posting a blog with the intention of making money there are no such luxuries. You should consider the pros and cons of writing a blog and you’ll soon notice there are more cons than pros.

  • You have to be more skilfull writer than you might think. If it’s just a personal blog there is less pressure on you to be accurate. But if but late marketers have found great potential in posting a blog. Blogging is the part of every successful business and even individuals working from home.
  • Blogging is the perfect way to establish work-from home business with little or even no investment. All you need is the passion and dedication to read and write. The more you read, the more you learn about the topic.
  • You need to choose the right niche so as to interest your readers


  1. It’s a myth that you can choose a nice then become an expert on the subject in a relatively short time. Although it’s possible you need to be passionate and commit lots of time. Finding the niche is possible but difficult. There are four things you must master.     Niche: it selection essential but not difficult to identify.

2. niche is not difficult. Search on Google, and you will find many              lists of the best and most profitable niches. Learn as much as                 possible about the subject then impress your readers with your               knowledge.

Domain name

    The domain name is the web address of the site or blog. You need a web address such as, to make people find your blog online. This is crucial. People have to find your blog so there is no point caling your domain if your blog is about clothing. Instead maybe Choose only Top Level Domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, etc. Complete a domain name guide to finding how you can choose the best domain name efficiently and effectively.

Blog template:

Blog template should be clean and fast loading. Do not use the blog theme. Always purchase a premium WordPress blog theme for you blog.

You should purchase a premium blog theme: 24/7 Support Free from errors No malicious codes Free updates.

Premium blog templates will help you keep your blog safe from hackers.

Web Hosting

Choose the premium WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting is highly popular. Over a third of all blogs are running on WordPress. There are more reasons why you should choose premium web hostings: 24/7 Support Backup and Security Free updates Complete control.

I hope I haven’t dampened your enthusiasm! If you are still determined to write a blog then you need to start writing blog posts. To write a blog, you need to choose a topic, do research and find all the related keywords. Use the keywords in the Title, heading and in blog content.

You should make the posts 1000 words long. articles. Make sure that each article that you write solve the problem of the reader and give them the reason to revisit your blog. Starting a blog is easy, but the success depends upon how well you write blog posts. Not only the first blog post but every post should be highly informational and practical.

Use the power words and emotional words to connect with the readers. Also, promote your blog posts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Create business profiles on social media channels and start connecting with other bloggers and industry influencers.

You might wonder why I’ve written a blog warning that cautions against writing a blog. Good question. Well when I first set out I found it frustrating to follow all the tips on how to get it just right. Subtitles, number of words, SEO, etc. It was enough to drive anyone crazy and deter them from ever. But I am passionate about writing and correcting my own words and other people’s words. You too have a passion. It can be done.