When I see a word I have to form an anagram. At the strangest of times; on a bus, on a train, when I’m reading, when I can’t get to sleep. Maybe it first began when a former girlfriend named Anna told her surname was Grams. Okay, that’s not strictly an anagram but you get the picture.

All I know for sure is I’ve become addicted. And I know typing at this speed means I’ll soon need a brake. Try it yourself and you’ll see thaw I mane especially if you tyre easily. But whatever you do make sure you don’t over do it. You’ll den up with a spit glint each head. A word of warning: on more than evens sword at any given emit.

I could go no for ever Rome butt like I said it takes its toll eventually. The doctor says I should take something for it but the chemist was huts. In any aces they’d probably have told me they didn’t have anything for me.

So I’ll leave it there. My anagram itis is cured. For won at stale. ?

S.P. Ive creed a me sages form a cretin asking if it’s catching. I assured her it was not and so now I’ve put her mind at ease. Some people worry for one sonar at all. Don’t you agree?