It's always a good idea to have your work proofread. Even the simplest of mistakes can go unnoticed often with disastrous consequences. Even a misplaced comma, an omitted semi-colon or an ill chosen capital letter can be costly. A professional proofreader can help but finding the right one is easier said than done. There is a bewildering array of online proofreaders out there each claiming to employ 'specialists' who will edit your document at the right price and right on time.

I'm Laurence Jones, founder of Proofreading UK, the  long established and acclaimed online proofreading and editing service. I proofread basic documents such as papers and essays to dissertations and novels. Whatever you've written you can rest assured I'll return it to you error free and ready for your intended readers. Contact me now  and I'll give you a  quote promptly without fuss and at a highly competitive price.