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 UK English Proofreading Specialists for Students 

If you think proofreaders are too expensive then read on.

The importance of your work being proofread cannot be overstated. A document may be well-researched and factually of a high standard but it will look amateurish if it is littered with errors in punctuation and grammar. You know that otherwise you wouldn't be here. Scanning the internet for an online proofreader is simple. Finding one that is qualified, reliable, experienced and punctual is more difficult. There is a bewildering array of proofreaders all of them seemingly ideal for you. You make your choice and hope your work will be corrected and proofread to a high standard. You may be right and be satisfied with your brand new document. Then again it might be of poor quality and you have to find someone else. If that's not bad enough you have to pay for the shoddy work and pay for someone else who will hopefully do a better job. Maybe you'll decide it's just not worth it and get a friend to do it.

That's where I can help you. I've been around long enough and corrected enough documents to know it's difficult for students to commission a good editing service at a fair price. So I do your work and charge you less than everyone else. Look at my rates and I'm sure you'll agree with me. In fact, If you can find a proofreader that will do your work more cheaply I'll match the price. Naturally, you'll wonder if you're settling for second best. I will put your mind at rest. I have proofread for many years and I'm qualified and highly experienced at what I do. I'm also so confident in my ability I'll proofread a free two page sample of your work. So you've nothing to lose. I can't say for sure whether I'm the best proofreader online but I think you'll agree I'm the most affordable. Give me a call or fill in the contact form now. If you're a student then you're smart. If you take advantage of my offer you're even smarter.   

​Proofreading UK:        Accurate, reliable, punctual, affordable.  Very affordable.