Editing Consultancy 

Proofreading UK has established a reputation for providing and accurate and reliable proofreading service. It is widely acclaimed as being a first class professional and editing service offered at competitive prices and in good time.


Proofreading UK provides professional document editing for students, authors and business people in the UK. The widely acclaimed service is now in its eleventh year and chief editing consultant Laurence Jones continues to assist students and writers across the country.

Great caution must be exercised whether your project is an essay, an academic assignments, or working on a breakthrough novel. Mistakes can be costly. Even a misplaced comma or an omitted semicolon can seriously hinder your chances of success.

Modern software claims to provide full proofreading functions. But it will only identify typos and even then some will slip through the net depending on the context in which it appears.

Only an experienced proofreader will scrutinise your documents thoroughly so as to capture the nuances of words and sentences. They will identify fine detail and subtlety in and between words and sentences.

Please contact me now. You can give me a call or just fill in the contact form. Tell me briefly how many words your document consists of and I'll give you a quote for your work.

Laurence Jones