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The importance of having your work proofread cannot be overstated. Maybe you’re a student wanting a perfectly written essay. Or perhaps you’re an author who wants to be sure his book won’t be rejected by a publisher because of poor grammar or lack of attention to detail. Whatever the reason you owe it to yourself to avoid mistakes in punctuation and grammar

Errors in punctuation are in fact the most common oversight and these include misplaced commas, apostrophes, colons, semi-colons, incorrect capitalisation and of course spelling mistakes. Errors in grammar are less common but can easily be overlooked; a sentence can appear to make sense when in reality it is patently absurd. ‘Green ideas sleep furiously’ is grammatically well formed but makes no sense. 

Authors and academics can spend months sometimes years on a piece of work. It may be factually correct and well presented but it will fall at the final hurdle if it hasn’t been proofread by a professional. All work needs an ‘extra pair of eyes’ to examine it carefully if it is to read perfectly. Leave it to me. I’ll eliminate these errors and ensure you’re not left thinking about what might have been.

Laurence Jones, B.A. (Hons), Dip (Psy)