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No Mistakes Why would you need an online proofreader? Well, all writers make mistakes. They make spelling errors and overlook the basic rules of grammar and punctuation. Sometimes it doesn’t matter; a scribbled reminder in a notebook, an entry in a diary, maybe a shopping list. But often mistakes do matter. If you’re a student a few errors here and there can mean hours, days or even years of academic work being marked down no matter how much you have mastered your subject. If you write novels, biographies, short stories, etc. your work must be flawless when your publisher casts his expert eye over it. There’s no margin for error.

All of these potential disasters can be prevented by coming to me and letting me proofread your work online. I’ll identify, correct and rephrase words and sentences where necessary. I’ll also highlight all changes so you can decide for yourself whether you want to accept or reject any suggestions I make.

Consider this a comprehensive service that picks out all manner of errors and inconsistencies. You ask me to examine your work, I look for errors and correct them. It’s that simple. But what sort of errors do I look out for?

These are examples of sentences which have been corrected for different reasons:

Grammar  Henry has decided to gone away.
Punctuation  The dog is in it’s kennel.
Spelling  It really wasn’t neccessary.
Capitalisation  I went to New zealand for my holiday.

These are just basic mistakes of course but even so they are overlooked, particularly when the writer is tired and there is a lack of concentration. Omission or repetition is common and the above howlers are simple examples of errors that may not be apparent to the author. Major errors will go entirely unnoticed. That’s why online proofreading is essential. In order to succeed you need a ‘second pair of eyes’ and preferably eyes that know what they’re looking for.

Do give me a call or send an email. I’m a qualified and experienced English proofreader and I tailor my proofreading and copyediting prices to suit your own personal circumstances. Email me at